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Ralu E. Nister-Lustermans

"What got you’re here won’t get you there”

Marshall Goldsmith

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Waar kan ik u mee helpen ?


Organisational Culture/ Transformation / Corporate Governance/ Board Advisory/ Diversity and Inclusion/ Coaching

I am passionate about challenging and changing the way organisations achieve effective results and fulfil their vision by bringing in a more holistic approach which connects people, processes, and technologies to purposefully create human centered organisations.

How can I help?


Business advisory

I work with organisations on achieving more effective results and nurturing leadership at all organisation’s levels by awakening organizational awareness on culture, people, processes and technology and their impact on performance:

  • Corporate governance assessments and reviews

  • Organizational culture review

  • Board effectiveness assessments

  • Transformation programmes oversights and independent assessments

  • Internal control effectiveness

Teams’ effectiveness workshops and facilitation programmes

Working with teams and leaders on creating inclusive teams, where each team player strengths and uniqueness are understood and accepted to enable an inclusive culture and co-create results in an effective way.


121 coaching

Onboarding coaching/Transition coaching/ Return to Work/ Culture lens coaching


Internal Audit mentoring and coaching programmes

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