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Aroop Bhattacharjee

Change Management

 Cost Reduction

“I started on the Shopfloor with milling machines, then worked at Production, Product Design, and finally Global Procurement.
I have the engineering fundamentals, bottom-up experience to address stakeholders at various levels, and help companies identify and address their critical gaps”. 

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How can I help you?



Review your current process

At today’s pace, every organisation is in constant change. Struggling with Cost, Margin, Speed, Strategy.

As such, I will ask many “obvious” questions to uncover and understand the processes that would need to run seamlessly. This covers the full scope of Marketing, Development, Production, and Service.


Change Management

Training Workshops would need to be given, and Multi-disciplinary teams would be created, coached and supported to execute the agreed proposals.


Cost Reduction

Perhaps the most common goal in most companies.  But this is not easy to execute internally, and often best executed by externals, who do not fear the repercussion effects, to focuss only on the final goal. With over 25years experience on Cost Reduction, I am eager to accept your challenges.



  • Short and Long term proposals will be made, with continuos discussions with the various stakeholders, at the various levels, from Production to Management.

  • I am often requested to support on the final execution of these proposals, to guarantee the results !

  • I speak several languages, and open to travel globally for extended periods, at short notice.

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